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Body By God Wellness is devoted to the health and wealth of those in the marginalized demographics of society. We want to ensure that these families are offered the same wellness opportunities as their fellow privileged Americans.

We are committed to bridging the gap for those who are at a disadvantage due to the many forms of systematic discrimination and systemic disparities. We believe that it takes a village to help raise children and their families from their unfortunate disadvantage to an even playing field.

So, we look to build a community/village that will provide families access to the resources needed to become successful individuals in life and productive members of society. For the student of this initiative their sponsorship will be like a mentorship program. Body By God Wellness will teach the principles of success by teaching health and wellness practices that can be applied to everyday life situations. 


Participants will work with Sean Hemphill Personal Trainer and Shanice Hemphill Trauma Informed Breathwork Practitioner, Restorative Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and Mindfulness Coach. Using the various healing modalities we've been educated in, we will train and equip those who have been systemically impacted by generational trauma, PTSD, anxiety and stress.

Our goal is to bring communities and classes of people together by working toward one end; equal opportunities for all to become successful.


As a sponsor

We encourage you to stay connected by subscribing to our monthly newsletter where we will highlight the progress of the scholarship recipients. 


Thank you for joining our community/village’s mission to provide families with an advantage they need to become healthy and successful leaders. 

Sean & Shanice Hemphill

Donations of any amount 

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