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The practice of breathwork has been around for thousands of years. Although often associated with yoga and mediation. The term "Breathwork" is used to define a variety of breathing techniques. To simplify it, Breathwork is focused and intentional breathing techniques. Breathwork is a tool for healing your mental, physical and emotional body. 



Workplace & Groups: Anxiety & Stress Relief

1 Hour

 In this workshop participants will learn how to release

 anxiety and stress by learning:

How to breathe correctly throughout the day. How to restore calmness and balance to the body. How to become more present. How to self regulate by using the breath. This breathwork experience can be done seated or lying down flat on yoga mats for 30 minutes. See benefits of this practice below. Got question? Schedule a free call to talk about your desired goal and to see which breathwork practice would be right for you and your group.


Groups & Retreats: Somatic Breathwork Session

1.5 Hour 

Group breathwork sessions can be very powerful! During this session participant will be breathing in and out of the mouth for 60 minutes. I will be guiding you through the practice along with carefully curated sound. If you are looking to enhance your retreat experience for participants, try this! This practice is done lying down on yoga mats or sleeping pads. See benefits of this practice below. Schedule a free call to talk about your desired goal and to see which breathwork practice would be right for you and your group.

Students: Breathwork Foundations

Taught in a fun way for children 6 years old and up to understand the importance of breathing correctly. Children will learn how to self regulate emotions. How to restore calmness to the mind and body. Reduce anxiety and stress through conscious breathing techniques. Sharpen their ability to focus and learn.




Some of the Benefits my clients have experienced

  • Feeling energetically lighter

  • Feeling more positive & more energy

  • Improving sleep, concentration, and sex drive

  • Reducing anxiety & stress

  • Reducing and eliminating pain in the physical body

  • Improving your intuition

  • Providing a new perspective on life’s circumstances

  • Increasing self-confidence and awareness

  • Releasing emotions & trauma

  • Relaxation and peace

  • Deeper connection spiritually and with one’s self

  • Deeper sense of clarity for life

  • Feeling grounded

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Virtual/Online Participant

"Breathwork with Shanice has been empowering! I felt energy flow all over my body and experienced intense cleansing of my heart space. Towards the end of the session, I cried and released the pain of separation. Shanice's voice is a gift. It's nurturing and gentle and she made me feel safe and understood"

Shubathra Sri C, Malaysia 


My name is Shanice Hemphill

I've been on a journey of self-discovery for over 20 years. I spent over 20 years doing mindset work to no avail!

In 2021, I started practicing breathwork for the first time and noticed the instant effect that it had on my mind, body and emotions. I wanted to go deeper so, I attended a 1.5 hour breathwork session. I was blown away by the spiritual insight, business downloads and how my self esteem increased.

As I began my certification journey I went deeper into various breathwork practices. Finally! I found that breathwork was something I could use to help me instantly self regulate throughout the day. I was able to release anxiety, stress and stuck emotions.  I now had the tools to calm myself when feeling triggered by past traumatic events. As I dove deeper into the energetic work, I was able to heal from PTSD. To date, I've led a number of groups, retreats and 1:1 sessions in this powerful healing modality of breathwork.

I also teach grades 1-5 how to self-regulate through breathwork and yoga practices. Reducing anxiety, stress, and helping to improve focus. I offer Breathwork for Black Women monthly. This is where I provide a safe space for black women to heal in community. I'm on a mission to empower people to take their life back through the wisdom and power of breathwork. When we take better care of ourselves, only then we are able to care for others. Certifications: Reiki Master, Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness, Kids Yoga.

Trauma Informed Breathwork Certification is accredited by; 

The Federation of Holistic Therapist, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Athletic & Fitness Association of America and Yoga Alliance

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